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Nest Cams

Live Nest cam action at the gallery

I've installed over 10 nest cameras in nesting sites around my gallery at Thixendale in North Yorkshire. These include cameras on two pairs of barn owls, a pair of tawny owls, a pair of blackbirds, a pair of kestrels, two pairs of robins, two pairs of tree sparrows, a weasel, a pheasant and a wren.

Keep coming back to this page to see all the best footage taken each day to see the footage live on screens.

Jump to the list of my Youtube Videos >>>

Rare Footage: Playlist

Watch this rare footage of weasels, stoats and barn owls.

Barn Owl Nest Cam: Playlist

Follow these barn owls inside their nest box.

Blackbird Nest Cam

Watch this nest cam on these blackbirds

Tawny Owl Nest Cam

Watch the progress of tawny owls that live down the road from my gallery

Stoat & Weasel Cam: Playlist

Watch the stoats and weasels in my garden.

Robin Nest Cam: Playlist

Watch these endearing video clips of a robin nesting in my garden

Kestrel Nest Cam

Follow the progress of the kestrels nesting in my garden

Funnies: Playlist

Funny and cute video clips of wildlife that I have captured.

Fostering owls: Playlist

Watch how I'm trialling a new way of rehabilitating 'rescued' chicks that have become separated from their parents.

Animal Behaviour: Playlist

Watch these great little clips of kestrels, woodpeckers and barn owls.

Video: Kestrel with 5 eggs

14.05.15 Kestrel with 5 eggs

After an epic battle with a barn owl in a different box the kestrel chose this box and has gone on to lay 5 eggs. Looking forward to chicks soon.

Video: Pheasant Chicks here they come

11.05.15 Pheasant Chicks here they come

Funny clip of pheasant chicks hatching. Mrs Pheasant seems to be asleep when the first one pops out, she then seems a bit bewildered but then comes around. Before she knows it she is surrounded by the little ones!

Video: Tawny owls adopt a new chick

07.05.15 Tawny Owls adopt a new chick

Tawny owls make excellent parents, so much so they will happily foster parentless owlets. Watch as this adult happily accepts a new addition

Video: Blackbird chicks nearly ready to fledge

30.04.15 Blackbird chicks nearly ready to fledge.

Look how they've grown. Fab footage of these chicks. Shouldn't be long now until they fledge the nest and go out into the big wide world.

Video: Blue Tit raids wren's nest for moss

27.04.15 Blue Tit raids wren's nest for moss

Caught on camera! Yes we were watching you! This naughty blue tit was caught red handed stealing moss from a wren's nest and then flying into his own nest box to build his own nest - talk about cheeky!

Video: Inside a wild weasel nest

23.04.15 Inside a wild weasel nest

I put out this hollow log and put an old mouse nest inside. This weasel that has been a regular visitor to my garden for the past few months. I noticed yesterday that she appeared to be pregnant and last night she went into this hollow log for the first time. She looks amazed she can't believe her luck to find such a suitable place to give birth. She quickly makes a domed nest and snuggles in to sleep for the night.

Video: Mr Blackbird brings in a worm for his wife.

17.04.15 Mr Blackbird brings in a worm for his wife.

Video: Tawny Owl chicks one week on

21.04.15 Tawny Owl Chicks one week on.

Video: 2hrs after the fight what happened next

17.04.15 2hrs after the fight. The barn owl wins and a lady comes on the scene.

Video: Barn Owl v Kestrel

17.04.15 Dramatic footage of a barn owl and kestrel fighting over the same nesting site

Video: Blackbird eggs have hatched

16.04.15 Lovely moment where I got my first glimpse of this blackbirds brand new chicks

Video: Robin sitting on eggs

15.04.15 Robin: It must be boring sitting on eggs all day!

Video: Tawny Owl - first glimpse of the chicks

13.04.15 Tawny Owl: First glimpse of the brand new chicks!

Video: Kestrel - how to get a girl if you're a kestrel

13.04.15 Kestrel Owl: Unusal head bobbing behaviour as the male wooes his lady.

Video: Barn Owl - bringing some supplies in

13.04.15 Barn Owl: Bringing in a vole to feed its mate

List of Webcams

Here is a list of Robert's webcams on Youtube - Go to Youtube...

Inside a wild weasel nest with 5 newborn kits
My daredevil stunt stoat
Wild Stoat trained to run an assault course
Weasel: First glimpse of wild weasel building a nest
Barn Owl v Kestrel
Weasel in my garden
Robert E Fuller: Rare Footage of Weasels Moving their Kits in my Back garden
Robert E Fuller: Weasel kits in my back garden
Robert E Fuller: Rough & Tumble Weasel Kits
Robert E Fuller: Two weasel kits feeding in my secret underground box
Robert E Fuller: Weasel: I just can't stop itching
Robert E Fuller: Weasel alert!
Robert E Fuller: Weasel kits play fighting
Robert E Fuller: Weasel Kits rushing through hole in drystone wall
Robert E Fuller: Weasel drinking from pool
Robert E Fuller: Black Fox
A Trampolining Stoat!
Robert E Fuller:
Robert E Fuller: A stunt stoat: this stoat is egg-rolling over a trampoline!
Robert E Fuller: Male Kestrel with Common Lizard
Robert E Fuller: Wild Stoat Pair Chittering to One Another Contentedly
Robert E Fuller: Weasel heavily pregnant gets stuck!
Robert E Fuller: Wild weasel feeding in my garden
Robert E Fuller: A pair of wild weasels inside a nesting chamber
Robert E Fuller: Female weasel heavily pregnant
Robert E Fuller: Meet Fidget my wild weasel
Robert E Fuller: A bird table with a difference
Robert E Fuller: A Weasel's first snow fall. Watch it's pleasure as it pounces in the cold stuff.
Watch this brave barn owl battle a tawny twice its size
A stoat skating on thin ice!
Watch this weasel sheer up a wall
Robert E Fuller: My pet weasel Fidget loves his assault course in my artist's studio
Robert E Fuller: Playing with Fidget my pet Weasel
I've been filming kingfishers at their nest. I'm really pleased with the quality of the footage.



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