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Travel with Robert E Fuller to

Galapagos May 2016



Galapagos desc

I have teamed up with one of the top Galapagos naturalists to offer this unique opportunity to enjoy the very best of this incredible archipelago.

Expert guide
Santiago Bejarano is one the most highly respected guides in the archipelago. He has led trips for institutions such as The Smithsonian Institute in Washington and The Natural History Museum of New York as well as Kew Gardens. I'll be on hand too to make sure we get the very best wildlife sightings.

Courting seabirds
The trip is timed to coincide with the courting season, when the birds are in their prime. Expect to see blue footed boobies, masked boobies, frigate birds and the Galapagos penguin among many others. In between visits there will be opportunities twice a day to snorkel and swim with sea lions, turtles, rays and beautiful reef fish. Alternatively you can just relax on board and enjoy the stunning scenery on board one of the two viewing decks.

Exclusive trip
Our journey is limited to just 14 lucky guests and will begin in the pacific coast of Ecuador where we embark on our cruise.
Landscape - Picture

Landscape - Picture

Galapagos desc

Luxury cruise
We will travel on a luxury motor yacht privately chartered for the sole use of our group giving us the freedom to visit some of the most spectacular islands in this remarkable archipelago.

Itinerary options

Choose from options on board our yacht Tip Top III including eight days travelling to the central and southern islands. Sets off on May 4th. Cost £3,723 per person excluding flights.

Get in touch to receive detailed Galapagos Itineraries

Get in touch by email : mail@robertefuller or telephone 01759 368 355 to request a detailed itinerary.


Extensions from your Galapagos Cruise

Before or After your trip to the Galapagos, why not extend your trip to discover what Ecuador has to offer?


Hacienda Zuleta

An Andean Shangri-la! Finish off your cruise soaking up some Andean culture in this relaxing hacienda.
Based in the heartland of an important pre-Incan civilization, the valley is dotted with Caranqui pyramids to explore, and is also one of the few places in the world where you can see wild Andean condors.
Look out too for the rare and elusive Spectacle bear here whilst you take the opportunity to either go hiking, horse-back riding, mountain biking or just relax in beautiful surroundings. See www.zuleta.com for more information.

Napo Wildlife Centre

Napo Wildlife Centre

Napo Wildlife Centre

Set by a lake in the heart of Ecuador's Amazon rainforest this multi-award winning birds paradise has a bird list of 568 species. See parrot, macaw and parakeet licks and watch six species of monkey from the dining hall towner. Also look out for giant otters and Capybara. See .www.napowildlifecenter.com for more information.

Galapagos desc

Fly with KLM from Leeds Bradford via Amsterdam to Guayaquil, Ecuador for approx. £1,000 per person - but we will aim to get the best discount on this.

Places are limited and we need to take all bookings before the end of 2015 to secure our charter. A £400 per person plus a completed booking form to secure your place. Bookings are on a first come basis.

Testimonials from previous travellers

"Hello campers!! Spent one of the most enjoyable times of my life with you lot, thank you so much Rob and Victoria for putting the trip together I don't think any of us will forget the sights put before us. Now sifting through 4500.00 photo's to put together a few to show family and friends with pride. Best wishes, Richard Dee."

Testimonials Two

"The Mara is a very special place, we'd love to go there again someday. Having a lovely group of people with lots of shared laughter added special memories to the holiday. We had high expectations of this trip - going to Africa on safari was a life-time ambition. Our time in the Mara was magical, from the amazing atmosphere in camp created by Sharna, Daryl and their wonderful staff, to the tremendously knowledgeable and humorous guiding but overwhelmingly the animals. I had hoped to see some big cats but to watch a lion swimming across a river on our first morning followed by daily sightings of lion, almost within touching distance, leopard, cheetah and serval was amazing. Leaving the Mara was very emotional, hopefully we'll be back there someday. Many thanks to Rob and Victoria for making this trip possible, I don't see how we could surpass it! Peter and Hilary Burton"

Testimonials Three

"The Mara is a truly special place, and seeing it from a small camp with guiding from acknowledged international experts was the way to experience it at it's best. We saw interactions and activity in the wildlife that many wait a lifetime to see. Whether as an aspiring photographer, or simply someone with a real interest in the natural world, this was a experience which will never be forgotten. The trip was well planned and brilliantly led. The camp itself was hosted in a way which made one genuinely feel at home, and the flexibility of the staff meant we were never rushing to leave wildlife for the sake of a meal. The accomodation and food were truly remarkable - from candle lit dinners which could grace a michelin restaurant, to hot water bottles in spacious beds! A wonderful trip with good company, which has created many, many good memories." Ian Woods

Testimonials Four

"When Robert rang last year and invited us to join this trip I don't think we could have imagined what an amazing experience it was going to be. We are quite passionate about wildlife and it's preservation and hoped that we would be lucky enough to see first hand a few of the animals we read about and watch on TV. Suffice it to say that we still cannot quite believe the number and variety of what we saw and at such close quarters. Thinking about the Mara particularly, this must have been down to, in a large part, the skill of our guides Darryl, Pierre and Phil. They were knowledgeable, interesting, informative, fun and extremely patient. All the above is not everything we were privileged to have enjoyed: Sleeping under canvass is pretty much a first for us, as is a bucket shower. We can still here the sing-song voice saying "second shower…."!! Learning how little water you can actually manage with and what fantastic food can be produced from such basic equipment. The off-road experience beat anything Land Rover could come up with, including some of the hair raising drives in, as well as to and from, the crater, along with the running commentary. Beginning to learn some of the basics of what a camera can actually do. Learning new words, like Histogram. Seeing for the first time different cultures, both in Nairobi and the Masai on the plains. I could "wax lyrical" ad infinitum, the list could almost be endless…. Perhaps over and above all this was the shared enjoyment we had with a group of like-minded people who, although perhaps had been "hand-picked", had almost literally been thrown together at random. To my knowledge there wasn't one crossed word between anyone and there was some brilliant fun and laughter. Listening to some of other people's experiences in life during the many conversations we had made us both feel very humble. In the words of the Wildebeest "mmmm"!! John & Linda Watkin"

Testimonials Five

"I travelled on the trip as a single lady. I can really recommend this trip for a single person. I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable. I felt safe, secure and included all the time. The group wasn't cliquey and when we were out on safari we swapped guides and groups most days so everyone got to know each other. So I never felt left out. Equally at mealtimes we mixed easily and there was a lot of laughter. I felt that the security in place was very good. I only had to unzip my tent and wave my torch and one of the three security guards would come immediately whether it was to escort me to the main mess tent or attend to any concerns I may have. The guides - Daryl, Phil and Piers were also very attentive. I do have difficulty with my hip, but it was never too much trouble for them to help me up or down from the safari vehicles. The only problem for me now is how to match such an excellent trip - there's not so many that cater for singles as well as this one did. Anne Crawford"


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