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7 Stunning Squirrel Paintings for Red Squirrel Awareness Week

In support of Red Squirrel Awareness Week I thought I’d share my collection of paintings of red squirrels with you. Red squirrels are in serious trouble. The latest estimated population is just 120,000 , of which 75% or more are in Scotland. According to Red Squirrels Northern England there are only 15,000 left in England. Within 10 years there could be none at all. The main problems are disease, specifically squirrel pox, the loss and fragmentation of their woodland habitat, and competition from the more robust grey squirrel.
red squirrel awarness week
Squirrel of Formby, limited edition print. Buy now
The picture above was painted after a visit to Formby, in Merseyside, where the National Trust protects an isolated colony of reds. There are only a handful of refuges left for red squirrels in the UK, of which Formby is one.
red squirrel awareness week
Squirrel on Scots Pine, painted by Robert E Fuller
red squirrel awareness week
Red Squirrel, painted by Robert E Fuller

Another refuge is at Anglesey where conservationists have concentrated on controlling the red squirrel’s biggest competitors; greys. The Red Squirrels Trust Wales has successfully helped this population grow by its policy to eradicate of grey squirrels. Grey squirrels that dare to cross the bridge off the mainland are relentlessly trapped. The island has now become such a safe haven for the reds. so much so that recently these indigenous species have begun crossing onto mainland Wales where the population is slowly growing.

squirrel awareness week
Squirrel Nutkin, limited edition print. Buy now.
red squirrel awarenss week
Squirrels of Snaizeholme, painted by Robert E Fuller.

Here in Yorkshire, red squirrels are tragically sparse. However there is a thriving colony at Snaizeholme in the Dales. Click here to read my blog post about watching them there and see the photographs I took. I visited the colony whilst the snow was still on the ground and was particularly captivated by one squirrel in the colony. It had a slightly kinked tail and was very cheeky!

red squirrel awareness week
Inquisitive Squirrel painted by Robert E Fuller
paintings of red squirrels
Squirrel of Aviemore | Limited Edition Print |Buy Now

Watching red squirrels is so engaging. It would be tragic if we lost these fun creatures. I hope you have enjoyed my paintings!


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  1. Hi, I would just like to say that these paintings of red squirrels are absolutely amazing and have really given me inspiration. my favourite animal is the red squirrel and I often see them running through the trees outside my school as I am up in the north of Scotland. These paintings are really good so I am using the inquisitive squirrel one for my painting analysis task in my art class so thank you very much for making them.

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