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Enjoy A Wildlife Painting Each Week | Pick Of The Best | Summer 2019

Wildlife Painting Of The Week

The best of wildlife art

Wildlife is reflected through the season with this collection of fine art paintings. This post is updated every week so keep checking to see what’s new.

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June 19th 2019

Glance of a Peregrine 

Wildlife Painting of the Week


This is a portrait of the female peregrine living at Salt End Chemical Park in Hull. She and her mate are raising four chicks on the industrial site run by Vivergo Fuels. I am particularly fond of her because she has such a steady gaze. In this painting I wanted to capture the intense way she looks at me when I’m in my hide. It’s as if she can see through the camera lens.

Click here for all the latest from my live Peregrine Nest Camera

Glance of a Peregrine, Original Acrylic Painting | £3,625 Image size: 14.75″ x 9.25″ | Framed size: 24.5″ x 19.5″ | More Info


June 12th 2019

Fidget Standing to Attention

Wildlife Painting of the Week


This is a portrait of Fidget, a pert weasel I hand-reared. He was a real character. The painting tells the story of the time I had asked a friend to hold up a titbit to encourage him onto his hind legs so that I could photograph him. But Fidget was too clever for us. In an instant he jumped onto a sideboard, then leapt onto her shoulder and ran down her arm to snatch the morsel right out of her hand!

Click here to read about how I raised Fidget 


wildlife photo of the week weasel
Original Gouache, Acrylic & Pencil Painting | £2,350 | Image size: 8.24″ x 10.25″ Framed size: 17.5 “x 20.75” | Buy Now



June 5th 2019

Stoat Portrait: Crackle

Wildlife Painting of the Week

I’ve just finished this painting of a stoat ready for my summer art exhibition, which opens at my gallery in Thixendale on June 15th. This is a portrait of Crackle, a young female stoat living in my garden. Painted in acrylics, I think it captures her stoic character. She is currently sharing the territory here in my garden with her mother, Bandita, and the two of them have proved themselves polite, but distant neighbours, as they both gear up ready to give birth and raise families next door to one another.

Click here to watch a short film about their relations on my Stoat Camera Stories blog

wildlife painting of the week stoat
Crackle Standing Proud, original acrylic painting. More Info



May 29th 2019

Stoat In The Balance

Wildlife Painting Of The Week

I’m working on a new exhibition showcasing my collection of stoat and weasel paintings. The event, due to open at my gallery on June 15th, is the culmination of a five-year intensive research project focusing on the mustelids living in my garden. I used a network of surveillance cameras hidden in the shrubbery and built specific habitats to ensure the animals held their territories. It was incredible to have the opportunity to study these little-known mammals closely. I discovered that stoats are remarkably agile. The painting below highlights their incredible climbing prowess. It will be among the new pictures on exhibit.

Click here for more information about my forthcoming exhibition.

wildlife painting of the week stoat in the balance
Stoat In The Balance | Fine Art Print | Shop For More Like This



May 22nd 2019

Fox And Dandelions

Wildlife Painting Of The Week


Nothing spells summer more than a field full of dandelions. Or perhaps a fox and cub posing in front of a field of dandelions! I watched this vixen with her cubs one very wet summer’s day at Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire.

Click here to read the story and see the photographs that inspired my painting.


a wildlife painting a week


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