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An Animal Version of You’ve Been Framed

Take a look at my video of some of the funniest moments I’ve witnessed whilst watching animals for my paintings.

I’ve got endearing wildlife moments and slip-ups that play like an animal version of You’ve Been Framed. Look out for the tug of war between two kestrel chicks that ends in a ‘Lady in the Tramp’ moment – similar to when the dogs in the cartoon are sharing a spaghetti strand and end up nose to nose!

There are over excited badger cubs tumbling down a hill together, tawny owl chicks jostling for position at the entrance to the nest hole, and even a stoat bouncing on my children’s trampoline!

My exhibition, Animals Do the Funniest Things, opens on Sunday November 12th at my gallery in Thixendale. I’ll be exhibiting my research photographs and video gathered over a lifetime of watching animals in  the wild.

Below is a selection of some of the photographs of animals in comical positions due to go on show. Keep scrolling down, I’ve saved the most uncompromising for last!

Little Owl Burp

Gossiping Penguins

The Hare Hop

The Rockhopper Hop

Sad reflection
Squirrel snowball
The Toss

A tawny owl chick blinking in the sunlight
Perhaps this is why they call a male hare a buck



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