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New Art Exhibition Uncovers Secret World Of Stoats & Weasels

New Art Exhibition Focuses On The Secret Lives Of Stoats And Weasels
Wild About Stoats & Weasels: An Artist’s Perspective
The Robert Fuller Gallery | Thixendale, Malton YO17 9LS | June 15th – July 7th.

Small, swift and deeply secretive, stoats and weasels are hard to spot in the wild. But I have made it my mission to research these little-known mammals for a new series of paintings on exhibit in my gallery in Thixendale, North Yorkshire.

Stoats & Weasels Exhibition

I’ve devoted the last five years to the intensive study of miniature mustelids living in my garden, getting to know by sight six generations of the same stoat family and even granting them nick names.

Research for stoat and weasel art exhibition to feature on TV

The findings of my intensive study will feature on TV in this year’s BBC Natural World series, produced by the esteemed BBC Natural History Unit which is also responsible for programmes like Blue Planet and Planet Earth.

Art exhibition tells story of intensive 5-year stoat & weasel study

And my new exhibition, which runs at my gallery in North Yorkshire from June 8th – 30th, will tell the story of my studies via a display of highly detailed paintings, unique video footage and photographs.

Art exhibition reveals surveillance of stoats and weasels

I deployed more than 60 surveillance cameras to follow both stoats and weasels as they moved through my garden shrubbery and employed two full-time members of staff to sift through the footage as it was relayed to a bank of monitors in my studio.

art exhibiton stoats and weaselsDespite this extensive surveillance technology, these mustelids were still pretty difficult to follow. One of my main problems was their size – weasels are so small they can actually slip through a wedding ring; meanwhile stoats are masters of disguise – they are even able to turn white in winter snows.

stoats and weasels art exhibition

I kept track of their movements using a combination of field skills and surveillance for five years: capturing dramatic moments from their brutal love trysts to the tender, playful way in which stoats and weasels cares for their kits. 

New art exhibition uncovers stoat & weasel secrets

The exhibit challenges many of the assumptions made about these little-known but common species and unravels the mysteries behind behaviours such as the famed stoat ‘war dance’, where stoats are said to mesmerise their prey by turning somersaults before delivering a deadly bite.

My latest paintings include portraits of my favourite stoat and weasel characters.

See a sample of the new painting collection here

About the artist

Robert E Fuller

I am known for the depth of study that goes in to my highly detailed paintings. As this research project demonstrates, I can spend years following an animal in order to get a thorough understanding of its behaviour. The meticulous research I conducted into the minutia of stoat behaviour led to a new documentary by BBC Natural World, due to be broadcast later this year.

Click here to read an in-depth feature I wrote for BBC Wildlife Magazine about my research for this latest stoat and weasel exhibition.

This TV coverage follows a number of my photographs and wildlife films that have featured on BBC Springwatch and BBC Countryfile.

I also write for wildlife magazines and newspaper columns. My blog, A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Artist, was voted number two in a list of the top 75 wildlife blogs to follow.

Art exhibition includes live stoat and weasel camera

Stoat & Weasels Art Exhibition

My exhibition includes live screens showing stoats and weasels in real-time. You can watch as they clamber over dry stone walls, drink from purpose-built ponds and curl up to sleep inside their secret underground chambers. These are the very cameras I use to inform my paintings.

See the highlights now on my Stoat Camera Stories

Also on show will be footage of owl, peregrine and kestrel chicks streamed live from cameras hidden inside their nests. These cameras capture heartwarming moments such as when baby barn owlets squabble over scraps or kestrel chicks snuggle together for a snooze.

I share the highlights from these bird nest cameras on my blog. Check up on the latest now by clicking on the links below:

Barn Owl Nest Camera | Peregrine Nest Camera | Kestrel Nest Camera | Tawny Owl Nest Camera

See inside the artist’s studio at new art exhibition

Stoat & weasel exhibition

This exhibition offers you the opportunity to discover my creative process. Over the years I have developed a precise painting style to make my artwork as accurate, and realistic, as possible. A considerable amount of planning and artistry goes into each scene. For this exhibition I built dry stone walls and dug reflective ponds for the stoats and weasels to ‘pose’ on.

weasel art exhibition
Weasel Wall | Fine Art Print | More Info

24 hour camera surveillance meant I was then present to photograph the exact moment my subject appeared on ‘set’. I then paint directly from the photographs, spending considerable time working on my composition by cutting out my photographs and arranging them onto a board until I am satisfied with a scene.

Read more about the process here

See outstanding stoat and weasel photographs 

My photographic studies of stoats and weasels will be on exhibit alongside my paintings. The display will include award-winning photographs of weasels. The series, which won the British Seasons category in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, will be on exhibit alongside the best of my photographs of stoats and of British wildlife and animals photographed on wildlife watching trips around the world. stoats and weasels art exhibition

Stoat & weasel art exhibition

stoats and weasels art exhibition

stoat and weasel art exhibition

Refreshments served at stoat & weasel exhibition

Enjoy a coffee or even a cool glass of cordial as you browse my paintings, prints and giftware. My staff and I will also be offering complementary drinks, served in the my fine bone-china mugs, for you to enjoy as you tour the exhibits.

About my art exhibition venue

art exhibition secret lives of stoats & weasels

The Robert Fuller Gallery ranks top of TripAdvisor’s 10 best galleries in Yorkshire. It is located in elegantly restored farm buildings just outside the village of Thixendale deep in the Yorkshire Wolds landscape. To find it, follow a series of brown signs from all roads leading to or from Thixendale, YO17 9LS.

Click here for a map of the exact location

* Free entry: There is no charge for admission to this exhibition

* Disabled access: There is a ramp to access the gallery and the toilets are accessible.

* Parking: there is plenty of parking space outside the gallery and parking is free

* Opening times: 9.30am – 4.30pm weekdays and 10.30am – 4.30pm weekends.


The Robert Fuller Gallery enjoys a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor and ranks 4.6 stars on Google.

Here are a few recent TripAdvisor reviews: 

Reviewed 18 December 2018

Hidden away in the Yorkshire Wolds, the gallery is a surprise on first sight. The whole enterprise is really good. The entrance to the barn is interesting but once inside it is amazing. The walls are covered in superb painting by Mr Fuller, together with lots of trinkets ranging from fridge magnets to place mats, coasters, cutting boards etc all depicting the pictures painted by the artist. Also within the gallery are live web cams dotted around the property together with screens depicting scenes which have been recorded from past days. We only spent about an hour here but could almost have spent the day to absorb everything on show

Reviewed 2 December 2018

It is best to approach the gallery from Stamford Bridge and follow the signs,you don’t need a 4 wheel drive.Wonderful exhibition of wildlife art both local and worldwide.Lots of pictures to see,handle and buy.greeted by staff who offered coffee or mulled wine free of charge.There is a multi sex very clean toilet within the barn conversion,disabled access.lots to see and large selection of items to buy,which we did.

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