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Barn Owl Nest Camera | Summer 2019 | See The Barn Owl Chicks Grow

Barn Owl Chicks

The barn owl chicks are growing up fast. Their fluffy down is giving way to fine, buff-coloured feathers and they are now exploring the nest and even standing at the entrance to Elm Stump, bobbing their heads up and down as they take in the view.

Keep checking in to this blog for all the latest news and scroll down to see the paintings these barn owls have inspired.

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July 3rd 2019

The Barn Owl Chicks Are Growing Up

From first feathers to flight exercises


The barn owl chicks are growing up fast. Each has a thick covering of down and this extra layer of warmth means the female is able to leave them for longer periods whilst she goes out hunting. She and the male have been bringing in plenty of voles which the chicks now devour by themselves. Watch the clip below to see the a fight break out over these food deliveries.


It has been interesting to see the three chicks venture from a tight huddle at the back of the nest box to explore their surroundings. They’ve started climbing up the sides of the nest and flapping their wings to strengthen their muscles ready for their first flights. Already their wing feathers are beginning to grow.


Click to play video


May 4th 2019

Three Baby Barn Owls Hatch!

Barn Owl Chicks Hatching & First Days


Watch the following clip to see the moment the barn owl chicks emerge from their eggs, one by one. Sadly the fourth egg did not hatch. The three survivors hatched at an interval of four and then three days. This means that the first owlet is a full 10 days older than the last chick. Just look at the difference in size after just one week! Notice how quickly the barn owl chicks develop a downy covering. They are naked when they hatch but they need this covering to keep warm.

Watch the clip right to the end to see the barn owl mum struggle to brood them. The three baby owls are standing in height order, like members of the Von Trapp family. Watch her as she lifts one leg, then the other in an effort to keep them warm!

Now all I need is some names. Any suggestions?

Click to play video


All About Barn Owl Chicks

Barn Owl Chicks: The Facts


Barn owl chicks are naked when they hatch, but they quickly develop a very thin covering of down. They are still unable to keep themselves warm at this early age so the female broods them until the eldest is around three weeks old. When they are uncovered they make a soft, chittering sound.

The male supports his family by bringing food, which the female rips into tiny pieces to feed to her growing young. By three weeks old an owlet can swallow a shrew or small mouse whole – they can feed themselves at this stage so squabbles over food become more common. At this stage the chick’s birth down is replaced by a thicker down. This frees up the female to help the male with hunting duties.

By five weeks old the chicks can run, jump, pounce, hiss and click their tongues. They typically move their heads from side to side, round and round, even upside down! Their characteristic heart-shaped face appears, and the flight feathers can be seen underneath the white fluffy down.

Wing flapping exercises begin at about seven weeks and by eight to nine weeks old the owlets make their first short flights. They remain around the nest site for a further two to three weeks before they finally disperse.


Barn Owl Artwork

My Barn Owl Paintings

Art inspired by this barn owl nest camera

My webcams are essentially studies for my paintings. Here are a few of the paintings inspired by watching and learning about his bird pair up close.

barn owl painting
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barn owl painting
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barn owl chick painting
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