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Barn Owl Nest Camera | Summer 2019 | Time to Fly the Nest

barn owl chicks flyThe three barn owl chicks are now flying free and the parent birds are sitting on a new clutch! Read on to watch their first flights. 

From the beginning: Click here to read the full story of this barn owl family

July 2019

Barn Owl Chicks Fly Free

First flights and a new brood

The barn owl chicks have fledged. My cameras caught all the action as they prepared for their first flights, flapping their wings to strengthen their wing muscles and hopping up the sides of the nest box. Then the important day came when the most adventurous chick bobbed up to the entrance of the nest hole.

barn owl chicks fly free

As they practised, their parents brought them food.  Interestingly, it was mainly the male who fed them, bringing small rodents and voles. Then at 9 weeks old the first two chicks fledged the nest. It was magical to see them fly free.

These two owlets moved into the tawny owl’s old nest box, Beech Stump, leaving the third chick in Elm Stump alone. Interestingly there was a stock dove already in this box sitting on eggs. Despite being so young, the two owlets pushed it out. There was even more drama when a jackdaw invaded the nest and tucked in to one of the stockdove’s eggs!

This last chick didn’t look well. It was lethargic and stumbled often. I kept a close eye on it, but gradually the owlet recovered and is now also flying free. 

The barn owlets remained in the garden for a few more weeks. Meanwhile, their parents were making plans for a new family! The adult pair moved into the kestrel’s old nest box, Sycamore Stump, and the female laid four more eggs. So we are now waiting for another brood here at Fotherdale!

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Barn Owl Artwork

My Barn Owl Paintings

Art inspired by this barn owl nest camera

My webcams are essentially studies for my paintings. Here are a few of the paintings inspired by watching and learning about his bird pair up close.

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