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Barn Owl Nest Camera | March-April 2019 | The Eggs Are Laid

The female barn owl is now laying. She is supported by the male who brings regular meals into the box. Barn owls differ from other birds in that they incubate their eggs from the moment the first one is laid. As a consequence the chicks hatch at different times and can vary considerably in size. Scroll down to see the paintings inspired by this barn owl pair.

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April 15th-19th 2019

Let’s Eat In

Why barn owls are eating in every night right now


The female barn owl continues to brood her four eggs. She is doing a marvellous job, leaving her eggs only briefly to stretch her legs and have a loo break. She’s now been sitting on these eggs around the clock since 27th March. The male does not do any of the incubating at all – it is the sole responsibility for the female. But the male barn owl is carrying out an essential role – he is bringing in food for her. They are eating in every night as the female has not left the nest at all since she laid her first egg.

I’ve found that the male barn owl is bringing in food for her to eat about four times each day. As barn owls are nocturnal these visits are mainly between 9pm-3am. I’ve noticed that the prey is mainly voles, although there are some shrews being delivered and the odd mouse. He is looking after her very well indeed, he is obviously a good hunter and a dedicated husband too!  The male has also got an eye for the future. He is still mating with the female, as soon as he has handed over the food. This is because barn owls can go onto have a second brood later in the year if the weather conditions are favourable and the number of prey items available are plentiful.

I’m so looking forward to the eggs hatching from 27th April, so do check back to see the latest update,

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April 12th 2019

Barn Owl Incubation

Patience is a Virtue

The female barn owl has been incubating her four eggs. It’s going to be a long 30 days for her sitting on her clutch, with little help from the male. The male doesn’t share any of the incubating duties, but thankfully he is bringing her food to keep her well nourished during this incubating stint. It all goes to prove that ‘Patience is a Virtue!’


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April 4th 2019

Barn Owl

Barn owl egg-laying

The female barn owl is now sitting on a clutch of four eggs. She could go on to lay up to eight! She lays at regular intervals of 2/3 days. Watch the following clip to see how she spends long hours each day incubating. She often gets up to stretch her long legs. The male supports her with regular gifts of food  – mostly in return for favours!

March 27th 2019

Barn Owl Lays First Egg 

Barn owl egg-laying

The female barn owl has laid her first egg on 27th March! I noticed a change in her behaviour on Sunday. She began to sit for long periods in the nest scrape at the back of the box, as though she were practicing brooding. Then, four days later, she began heaving, her tail lifted, as though her contractions had begun. Sure enough she stood up a short while later to reveal a perfect white egg. She immediately sat back down on the egg and began to incubate it. Barn owls differ from some other birds of prey in that they incubate their eggs from the moment the first one is laid. As a consequence the chicks hatch at different times and can vary considerably in size.


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All about barn owl eggs

The female barn owl lays 4-8 relatively small white eggs. She lays an egg every two to three days, over a period of three weeks. Incubation begins, however, as soon as the first egg is laid. It is the female barn owl that largely broods the eggs. She sits on the eggs for 31-32 days. I will be expecting the first egg to hatch on 27th or 28th April with the rest hatching  in turn, depending on the order that they were laid, two to three days later.


Barn Owl Artwork

My Barn Owl Paintings

Inspired by watching these barn owls

My webcams are essentially studies for my paintings. Here are a few of the paintings inspired by watching and learning about his bird pair up close.

barn owl egg-laying painting
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barn owls egg-laying art print
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