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Can you recognise birds in the wild? Watch my short video to learn

 Do you know a robin trill from a chaffinch cheep? Watch my short video to learn the basics of birdsong.

I’ve combined my latest paintings of UK’s beautiful song birds species with a film and sound archive so that you can pick up the tunes and see more when you are next out in the countryside.

My exhibition on Birdsong: Sounds of the Wolds opens tomorrow. Below is a brief summary and a list of events you can take part in to learn the basics of birdsong.

Songbirds: Sounds of
the Yorkshire Wolds
Saturday June 11th to
Sunday July 3rd at The Robert Fuller Gallery, Fotherdale Farm, Thixendale.
Please see to book on an event.

Ever found
yourself strolling through the countryside wondering what bird you just heard? Wildlife
artist Robert Fuller has the answer.
Yorkshire-based painter plans to dispel the mystery of birdsong with an
exhibition tailored to helping you learn to identify the tweets and chirrups
made by Britain’s avian species.
Sound and
information boards will complement this artist’s detailed songbird compositions
and there will be master classes on how to listen to bird calls – including a
walk to decipher the dawn chorus.
exhibition takes place at the artist’s gallery on the Yorkshire Wolds, which
lies under the flight path of numerous migrating birds and is noted for its
healthy populations of rare avian visitors.
Enjoy a
glass of homemade elderflower cordial as you browse and let the children take
part in falconry or mini owl safaris. 
Sounds of the Wolds Accompanying Events:
Birdsong Safaris:
Woodland birdsong, Sat 11th June, 10am-12
noon. Tickets £9.50. Learn the song of woodland birds and look for rare species
on this guided walk led by an expert naturalist.
Dawn Chorus on the Wolds, Sat June 25th, 4.30am-6.30am Tickets £9.50. A
masterclass in birdsong held at a magical time.
Birds of Thixendale:, Sat June 25th,
10am-12 noon Tickets: £9.50. A guided walk through the Yorkshire Wolds
landscape to look and listen for its songbirds. 
Twilight Bird Walk, Sat
June 25th, 7.30pm – 10-30pm. Tickets £9.50. Look and listen for
woodcock, wood lark and other rare birds that come out at dusk.
Peregrines of
York Minster: Sun 26th June, 10am-12 noon. Tickets £9.50. See the
fastest birds in the world swoop over the medieval ramparts of York Minster and
learn the meanings of their different calls.
 Artist Wildlife Safaris:
Badger and Owl
, Saturdays July 2nd, 9th, 16th
& 23rd, 6.30-10.30pm Tickets £35. See wildlife through the eyes
of an artist as the exceptionally knowledgeable Robert E Fuller guides you
through the Wolds countryside to find badgers and owls.
Kid Events:
Family Falconry Classes, Sun
June 12th, 19th, 26th & Sun July 3rd,
10.30-11.30am. Tickets: Adults £6 Kids £4 . Handle birds of prey and learn how
to fly one for yourself.
Tots Falconry, Sun June 19th,
Tickets Adults £6 Kids £4. Falconry for the very young, these classes are aimed
at children aged between two and five years.
Mini Owl Safari, Sat June 25th,
2-4pm Tickets: Adults £6 Kids £4. A guided walk through the Yorkshire Wolds
landscape to spot kestrel and barn owl chicks. Use a telescope to see tawny
owls perched in the trees and see inside nests via hidden cameras.
Mini Zoo, Sundays June 19th &
26th, 10.30-11.30am. Tickets Adults £6 Kids £4. Let kids touch and
hold rare and exotic reptiles, mammals and amphibians and learn how they have
adapted to their environment.


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