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Welcome to my Barn Owl Nest Camera.

I have installed cameras inside a barn owl nest and I am going to share all the best moments here, so that you can follow this fantastic pair of barn owls as they breed, lay eggs and raise their young.

I am going to be putting up updates each week so, keep checking back to this page to read all the latest updates.

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Barn Owl Chicks


Three barn owl chicks have hatched and they are already growing up fast. There was a four-day interval before the first and second chick hatched, and then a three-day gap before the third one. Watch the highlights from my nest camera to see the difference in size between each chick as they grow. It’s quite considerable. Now we need names for them. Scroll down to see the paintings inspired by these barn owls. From the […]


Nest Cameras | Spring 2019 | Barn Owl, Tawny Owl & Kestrel Egg Laying Update Read on to get the latest news from my nest cameras this year   It’s Easter and I’m currently watching 12 of the most beautiful eggs. These are not the chocolate variety, but wild bird eggs that I am monitoring live on screens in my gallery. Each spring I look forward to the first eggs being laid. This year I’ve […]


The female barn owl is now laying. She is supported by the male who brings regular meals into the box. Barn owls differ from other birds in that they incubate their eggs from the moment the first one is laid. As a consequence the chicks hatch at different times and can vary considerably in size. Scroll down to see the paintings inspired by this barn owl pair. From the beginning: Click here to read full […]


March 2019 Update Update: Barn Owl Love in the Box What’s new on the Barn Owl Nest Camera this Month The barn owl courtship is hotting up. The pair are still deciding which nest box to finally settle into but most of their time is spent at The Elm Stump. Read on to follow the story of their courtship this month and scroll down to see the paintings inspired by this barn owl pair. Click […]


Jan & Feb 2019 Update Update: Barn Owls Find Love What’s new on the Barn Owl Nest Camera Read on to follow the story of barn owls as they pair up and find a nest. They’ve even begun to dig a nest scrape inside the nest box . Click here to find out the latest in their story on my March update. And scroll down to see my paintings inspired by these owl studies.   […]


Welcome to the story of my 2018 barn owls Follow the story of what happened with my barn owls in 2018. 2019 update: To see what the barn owls are up to in 2019 click here The barn owl babies have all fledged the nest. It’s been an adventure following the intimate story of this barn owl family, from the moment the parent birds began courting to the day the last baby owlet flew the nest. And […]

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