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Welcome to my Kestrel Nest Camera.

I have installed cameras inside a kestrel nest so that I can watch these birds closely for my paintings. I share all the best moments here so that you can follow these kestrels as they breed, lay eggs and raise their young.

I update the camera each week so, keep checking back to this page to read all the latest in the kestrel story.

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March 2019 Update  Update – Kestrels In Love & War Kestrels in Love Love is in the air at the kestrel nest. Mr Kes has been bringing Mrs K gifts. Scroll down to watch him offer her a rare lizard. Their bond needs to be strong to defend ‘Sycamore Stump’ from marauding barn owls. Watch teh clip below as they take turns to guard the nest through wind, rain and snow  – look out for […]


January & February Update Update: Pairing up and Finding a Home What’s been happening this month The kestrels that live around my art gallery and studio are looking for the perfect nest site to raise their young, but they’ve got competition from the resident barn owls and tawny owls who are looking for their own place to nest too. Read on to find out what happens in the ensuing ‘nest box wars’. Click here for the very […]


Welcome to the story of the kestrel family in 2018 on my nest cam The kestrel chicks have now fledged! What a wonderful breeding year it was. Scroll down to follow the story of this kestrel family in detail and enjoy every moment: from the time the adult pair first mated, via an intriguing tale of infidelity, and on to watch the chicks first meals and flights. Below is a video made up of all the best […]


I’m not really into watching the television, but this month I have been glued to the box. I’ve set up CCTV cameras in a kestrel nest box and it has had me entranced. I have been putting out food for a pair of wild kestrels since 2006 in my garden and it has given me a fascinating insight into their lives. This pair is rather like a long-standing married couple and remains together throughout the […]


I have been offering food to wild kestrels in my garden for many years now. It all started when I saw a young male kestrel in my garden, looking wet and bedraggled and hungry. Rain was forecast for a week and in sympathy I put a mouse on a fence post over an area of rough grass where I had often seen him perch. The mouse disappeared and the next day so did another. On […]

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