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Welcome to my Peregrine Nest Camera

I have installed cameras inside and outside a peregrine falcon nest in Salt End Chemical Plant in Hull. I am going to share all the best moments here, so that you can follow this fantastic pair of peregrines as they breed, lay eggs and raise their young.

I am going to be putting up updates each week so, keep checking back to this page to read all the latest news.

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Four chicks have hatched at Salt End! Scroll down to see them as they emerge wet and shaky from their eggs. These clips are taken directly from live cameras inside the nest. A wireless internet signal relays the footage 50 miles from their nest at an industrial site in Hull to my remote gallery in Thixendale. Read on for the highlights and scroll down to see the paintings inspired by this fascinating pair. All about […]


  Cameras running 24 hours on a peregrine nest located on a vast industrial site in Hull are relayed via a wireless internet signal to my remote gallery in Thixendale. Follow the story of the peregrines of Salt End Chemical Park here. The highlights so far include a dramatic courtship conducted at dizzying heights and the magical moment four spectacular red-brown eggs are laid, one by one. Scroll down to see the paintings inspired by this intense […]


This is the story of a pair of peregrines living high on a cooling tower at Salt End, a vast industrial chemical park on the banks of the Humber Estuary. Click to play video Far above one of Europe’s busiest ports in an industrial landscape of belching chimneys and vast cooling towers, live a pair of peregrine falcons. The world’s fastest bird has made this harsh and unforgiving environment of Salt End Chemical Park near Hull its […]

overcoming dyslexia


Accustomed to photographing wildlife in rugged, remote locations, wildlife artist Robert E Fuller dons hard hat and fireproof overalls to film peregrine falcons nesting amidst the noise and smells of a chemical plant on the Humber estuary. The story is due to feature on BBC1’s Inside Out Yorkshire and Lincolnshire at 7.30pm on Monday 17th September.     Over the years I have been to some amazing places to see some spectacular wildlife. But my […]

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