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Welcome to my tawny owl nest camera.

Follow the antic of these beautiful Tawny Owls as they court, find a nest and raise their young.

Keep checking back to this page to read all the latest updates.

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fostering tawny owls


In the valley below my gallery three tawny owl chicks make their way through a line of sycamore trees, flitting from branch to branch. They are heading towards my garden bird table, where the adult tawny owls tear up portions of food to feed to them one by one. Tawny Owls are excellent parents These birds are excellent parents, even though only one of the three owlets is actually their own chick.  The other two […]

owl in heatwave


As temperatures across the UK soar to record highs, heating up the countryside in the day and bringing dramatic thunderstorms at night, the owls in my garden are developing strategies to cope. So far the tawny owls are cooling off in my garden ponds, and their chicks have even adopted my daughters’ paddling pool to bathe in, but the barn owls are more unsettled – especially by the thunder. My garden pond is now a tawny […]


  After a worrying start to the season, just one precious tawny owl chick hatched inside my purpose-made Beech Stump nest box. This fluffy owlet was joined by two foster chicks and all three tawny babies have now fledged successfully. Click here to follow the tawny owl story from the start of the 2019 season Scroll down to see my paintings inspired by these video studies July 2019 Fostering and Fledging Owl’s First Flights The […]


Nest Cameras | Spring 2019 | Barn Owl, Tawny Owl & Kestrel Egg Laying Update Read on to get the latest news from my nest cameras this year   It’s Easter and I’m currently watching 12 of the most beautiful eggs. These are not the chocolate variety, but wild bird eggs that I am monitoring live on screens in my gallery. Each spring I look forward to the first eggs being laid. This year I’ve […]


The female tawny owl is now incubating three eggs. She sits on these eggs alone for 30 days until hatching begins. This year she laid two weeks later than usual and for a while I was worried she wasn’t going to lay any eggs at all. Owls are unlike other birds in that they begin to incubate as soon as the first egg is laid. This means that the chicks hatch at different intervals and […]


March 2019 Update – Will there be eggs? What’s Happening this Month I’m expecting the female tawny owl to lay any day now, but she hasn’t been looking well. Read on to find out how she’s getting on and see also that the pair are still fussing over which nest site to choose. Click here to follow their story from the beginning of the season. March 22nd – 30th 2019 Inside A Tawny Owl Nest:  […]


Feb 2019 Update – Finding, Digging & Defending A Nest What’s new this month The tawny owls are still uncertain where to nest. Read on to see them flit between Beech Stump and Ash Stump. And look out for a fascinating clip showing how these owls use both claw and wing to dig out scrapes inside these boxes. Meanwhile they are also defending their nest choices from invading birds of prey – like kestrels. Click […]

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