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I am now looking after two tiny hedgehogs and I haven’t had a lot of sleep! The hoglets are so small I’ve had to wake every two hours during the night to feed them. They were found on the roadside and were very cold and still when they arrived. The first thing I did was wrap them in a blanket and put them onto a heated mat to warm them. I had to warm them […]


Rehabilitating Stoats A Tiny Stoat Kit Named Whisper I am looking after a tiny stoat kit named Whisper. Whisper was found alone and apparently abandoned by a dog walker. She was handed to me because in recent years I’ve taken on the job of rehabilitating stoats and weasels for Mustelid Rescue UK. My job is to hand rear them until they are ready to be released into the wild.  Scroll down to follow Whisper’s story […]

rehabilitating ernie the wild tanwy owl


Rehabilitating Eric| Finding a Foster Family This is the story of a rescued tawny owl chick named Eric and how he is fostered by a family of wild owls. Rehabilitating Eric & Ernie | Week Five Accepted by Their Foster Owl Family Eric and Ernie have been living out in the wild for a week now. Both owlets are doing really well and look very healthy. This is a clear sign they’ve been accepted by […]

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