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My collection of penguin paintings are the result of an intrepid journey to the Antarctic. I spent five weeks navigating from the Falkland Islands to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula on a Russian ice-breaker. We were battered by force 12 winds, 10 metre high waves and sub-zero temperatures, but, thankfully, not being the sort of person who suffers from seasickness, these extreme conditions made the trip all the more exciting. Antarctica is an incredible […]

Ibex sketch by Robert E Fuller


Braving avalanches in the French Alps in search of wild ibex and chamois Wildlife artist Robert E Fuller braves avalanches and rocky slopes to photograph ibex in the wild for his paintings. In March, the artist took a guided tour through knee deep snow drifts in Les Houches, near Chamonix in the French alps to see this region’s remarkable wildlife. I started drawing wildlife when I was 13 years old but it wasn’t until I […]


Now that my exhibition is finally underway,  I can put down my paintbrushes and at last begin the series of blog posts on my trip to the Galapagos I promised. I saw so much that took my breath away it is difficult to know where to start but on reflection I think the above portrait in acrylic paint of the giant tortoise, Super Diego, ought to headline my Galapagos blog series. Super Diego’s story is […]

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