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These Tiny Hoglets Are Keeping Me Awake | Hedgehog Rehabilitation

UPDATE: Needles & Pins Now Released

Just to let you know both rescuedhedge-hoglets have grown into healthy adult hedgehogs and I have now released these them into my garden. The good news is that my wildlife cameras mean I can keep track of them as they explore the great outdoors. And one of the hedgehogs has obligingly moved into a hedgehog box I made! I hope this one stays here for the winter, where I can keep watching it.

Watch the video

Click on the image below to see them enjoying their new freedom!


Needles & Pins: The Story

I am now looking after two tiny hedgehogs and I haven’t had a lot of sleep! The hoglets are so small I’ve had to wake every two hours during the night to feed them.

They were found on the roadside and were very cold and still when they arrived. The first thing I did was wrap them in a blanket and put them onto a heated mat to warm them. I had to warm them up before I could give feed them. I gave them Esbilac, a milk formula designed for puppies, via a syringe.

These hoglets are so tiny, the youngest’s eyes are yet to open and it weighs just 51gs – about the same as a knob of butter! At this young age, I have to be very careful when feeding them. If I pour the milk down too fast I’m in danger of flooding their lungs.

So far they are doing really well and are as cute as buttons. I’m a six-foot-tall man and I grew up amidst the rough and tumble of a working farm, but these two hoglets have melted my heart! 

Below is a video of the hoglets filmed during their first day here. I challenge you not to fall for them too! And once you’ve watched it please help me out. I need names for the hoglets. Pop your suggestions in the comment box below.


Wildlife Rehabilitation

In recent years I’ve joined forces with a number of wildlife resuce centres helping to rehabilitate wild animals. Below are two more stories about two young stoats and a tawny owl that I am also currently caring for.

Rehabilitating A Stoat Named Whisper

Rehabilitating Eric, A Tawny Owl Chick

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These hoglets are not the first to have won my heart. Click on the link below to read about my previous experience rescuing hedgehogs and see the painting it inspired:

How I persuaded a hedgehog to pose for his portrait


12 comments on These Tiny Hoglets Are Keeping Me Awake | Hedgehog Rehabilitation

  1. Lovely to see the hoglets, we have a rescue hedgehog (Victor) in our garden and it’s been great following him. Our two names would be Holly & Bramble. We were lucky enough to visit your studio last year to see some of you fantastic work and treated ourselves to some prints.

  2. We suggest Rumble and Tumble – to reflect your childhood on the farm (Rumble instead of Rough……) We so admire your commitment and work with wildlife and look forward very much to the regular email updates we receive, which brighten our retirement.

  3. Can we suggest the names of bubble and squeak for the hoglets.
    Keep up with the tremendous work that you do.
    We visited a few years ago and can’t wait to visit again .

  4. It’s a delight to read your stories about the wildlife you care for. I admire your dedication in looking after the baby orphans rescued.
    My names for these dear little hoglets would be Faith and Hope

  5. Thank you all for the kind comments and great name suggestions. In the end I went for the most popular on my social media channels: Needles and Pins (remember the song?)

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