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Kestrel Nest Camera | Love & War At The Nest

Love is in the air at the kestrel nest. Mr Kes has been bringing Mrs K gifts. Scroll down to watch him offer her a rare lizard. Their bond needs to be strong to defend ‘Sycamore Stump’ from marauding barn owls. Watch the clip below as they take turns to guard the nest through wind, rain and snow  – look out for the ‘Marilyn Monroe’ moment Mrs Kes’ skirts fly in the wind.

Scroll down to see my paintings inspired by these video studies.

Click here to the back story to this kestrel love in my Jan-Feb updates – look out for stunning footage of the pair sharing a meal for Valentine’s. 

Keep checking in for weekly updates from my Kestrel Nest Camera.

April 4th 2019

Kestrel Quibble Over Accommodation 

Kestrels Choosing A Nest

The female kestrel appears to be having second thoughts about nesting at Sycamore Stump. She has been seen flying down the valley inspecting alternative nest sites. But the male is keen to keep her here in my garden where he can guarantee a regular food source. He’s been selecting the tastiest morsels – lizards and voles – to tempt her back to his choice of accommodation. Watch this clip to see him bobbing up and down with pleasure when he manages to tempt her back inside! Turn the sound up to hear his excited calling.

March 29th 2019

Kestrels Defending Nest

Kestrel Courtship 

The kestrel pair continue to protect Sycamore Stump from competitors – in between regular mating bouts! The male is particularly chivalrous and continues to hunt for treats for Mrs K. Watch this clip for an alarming moment when a barn owl actually walks onto the roof of the nest box whislt Mrs K is inside!!!!

Click to play video

March 20th 2019

Male Kestrel Catches a Lizard

Kestrel Courtship

The male kestrel has found his first lizard of the year. The recent warm spell must mean lizards are now out. Lizards are a rare find here on the Yorkshire Wolds and its endearing to watch as Mr Kes offers this precious gift to Mrs K. Love tokens like this are an important part of kestrel courtship.

Click on the image above to play video

March 18th 2019

Kestrel Food Pass

Kestrel Courtship

The kestrels have stepped up their courtship process. Mr Kes is now bringing his mate gifts in exchange for favours. Watch him bring a mouse into the nest. She spots him and arrives too soon. He prefers to actually give it to her and she realises and flies off. He then calls her and she returns to take the offering more politely. Later they mate. This bodes well for the breeding season!

Click on the image above to play video

March 10th – 18th 2019

Kestrels Keep Guard In All Weathers

Guarding the nest site

It’s been a variable start to spring. We’ve had high winds, rain, sunshine, even snowfall – and the kestrel pair have stood guard at Sycamore Stump nest box throughout it all. Watch as the male sits stoically as the sky behind him darkens and flecks of rain begin to fall. He stays on guard throughout the storm only taking a break when Mrs Kes relieves him. Look out for the moment the high winds lift her feathers. She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe, famously trying to keep her skirts down as she crosses a subway vent!

Click on the image above to play video

March 11th 2019

Kestrel Watch In Daylight

Keeping guard and making a nest scrape

Mr Kes has taken to guarding ‘Sycamore Stump’ most days, no matter what the weather. He also makes time for a little nest maintenance, tidying up the inside of the box and perfecting the nest scrape. Watch him here after a flurry of spring snow has turned the landscape outside the nest box white.

Click on the image to play video

March 6th 2019

Kestrel Watch

Kestrels Defending Nest

Bless her, the female kestrel keeps dropping off to sleep! She’s taken to keeping guard at night to prevent any more intruders to Sycamore Stump. A pair of barn owls tried to get in two days previously! Watch to the end to spot the moment a drop of rain falls onto her head and she wakes with a start!

Click on the image above to play video

March 3rd 2019

Barn Owls Invade Kestrel Nest

Kestrels Defending Nest

The barn owls have been spotted in the kestrel’s nest box. The female kestrel was rightly outraged after catching two barn owls inside her home at Sycamore Stump! Watch her stand aggressively at the entrance whilst the two barn owls cower inside. Nest sites are often fiercely contested over at the time of year as all the birds try to find the best place to raise a brood.

Click on the image above to play video

Kestrel Artwork

My Kestrel Paintings

Inspired By Watching These Kestrels

My webcams help me to research these birds for my paintings. Here are a few of the paintings inspired by watching and learning about his bird pair up close.

kestrel painting
Kestrel Portrait, Original Painting


Kestrel | Art Print | Shop Now

Kestrels In My Garden

The History of Mr & Mrs Kes

Stories from a live kestrel nest camera

If you’re new to their story, the male kestrel, Kes, has lived in my garden for 12 years. He has a colourful history: a few years ago I discovered on the cameras that he had two females on the go at once and even raised two sets of chicks. Last year he successfully raised two chicks with a new mate, after his long-term partner, Mrs Kes, died two years ago.

Click here to read the story of Mr Kes’s infidelity.

Click here to read their story during 2018’s breeding season.


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