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Making a living out of the countryside

FARMING has undergone tremendous change over the years. As a farmer’s son, I can remember having family picnic lunches during harvest. Can’t imagine the combine harvesters stopping now.

And whilst the bigger farms have become increasingly high tech, the smaller ones have diversified to such an extent that you can hardly recognise some of the products that comes out of the countryside these days.

Enterprising business men and women have branched out into everything from fresh cut flowers to tailor made holidays in order to continue to make a living in the countryside. It’s heartening to see how all sorts of people have adapted to the changes in such positive ways. I dedicated last week’s column in the Gazette&Herald to the subject.  
Tomorrow I have invited 20 food producers from the Yorkshire Wolds to show their wares at a farmers’ market here in the gallery.
We’ve got a former Oxford don who now produces meat, a bio-chemist who has turned her hand at cheese-making and a former fashion designer who now produces rapeseed oil.
These modern farmers are making such a success out of making a living in the countryside their product is beginning to win awards.
Come along and stock up for all your summer picnics. We will be open from 10am-4.30pm.

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