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My Painting of the Week | Summer 2020

Welcome to your weekly update of all my latest wildlife paintings. I paint in a realistic style and spend many hours watching a bird or animal in its natural habitat in order to make each composition as lifelike as possible.  

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June 29th, 2020

Curlew in Wildflowers

Wildlife Painting of the Week

The sound of a curlew calling as it rings out over moorland is an inextricable part of summer here on the Yorkshire Wolds. This painting was inspired by just that sound.

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wildlife painting of the week
Curlew in Wildflowers| Print Available on Request

June 22nd, 2020

Swan Preening

Wildlife Painting of the Week

This week’s painting is from my archives. I’ve chosen it because swans seem such an integral part of summer and last night it was the summer solstice. Swan necks make such graceful shape for art compositions, and of course, those fluorescent feathers are a challenge to get right in paint.

painting of the week
Preening Swan | Available on a Slim Diary | Shop Here

June 16th, 2020


Wildlife Painting of the Week

The way the steel-greys and blues contrast with the pinky-orange plumage on a nuthatch inspired me to paint this. And of course the fact that nuthatches have the habit of walking down tree trunks gave me the ideal composition. Look out for nuthatches in woodlands – you know you’ve spotted one if it marches down a tree trunk rather than up it!

wildlife painting of the week
Nuthatch | Original Painting | More like this here

June 8th, 2020

Bandita in Ermine

Wildlife Painting of the Week
Shortly before lockdown, I received a commission to paint Bandita in her ermine coat. I really enjoyed working on the composition and used both acrylic paints and coloured pencils to pick out the detail of her fur. Bandita is a wild stoat living in my Yorkshire garden. She became famous after she featured in a TV documentary on weasels screened in both the UK & US. I’ve watched her slowly turn from her typical chestnut brown to pure white over three winters now and I found the transformation inspirational. I’ve noticed that the change starts when a white band appears just above the black tip of her tail. 

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Bandita in Ermine | Original Acrylic Painting | More Like This

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