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My Stoats & Weasels to Star on American TV

Stoats and weasels filmed in my garden will feature in a US TV documentary. PBS Nature, a US-wide public broadcasting channel, is showing ‘The Mighty Weasel’ at 8pm on Thursday, February 19th.

Narrated by actress, Ana Gasteyer, who is best known for her role in Saturday Night Live, the programme is a US version of a BBC Natural World documentary ‘Weasels: Feisty and Fearless‘ which aired on BBC2 in October. 

The film features habitats I created in my garden for stoats and weasels and will follow the story of a female stoat, Bandita, as she raises a litter of five in my UK garden. 

For US readers: In my blogs, a weasel refers to your ‘least weasel’ and stoat is your ‘short-tailed weasel’. For more on ID and definitions:  CLICK HERE


If you are reading this in the US then follow this link for more information about the upcoming show:

Otherwise you can watch a preview here: 

The documentary examines the mustelid animal family, which includes weasels and badgers, and asks why weasels have such a bad reputation. It follows the adventures of a tiny orphaned weasel named Twiz and reveals the true nature of these pocket-sized predators.

Watch it to see how I rigged my Yorkshire garden with over 50 cameras to get a rare insight into the dramatic life of a mother stoat as she tries to raise her first family. And learn how new science uncovers the problem-solving abilities of the honey badger, the secrets behind the ferret’s legendary flexibility, and the remarkable sense of smell of the wolverine. Together, using their extraordinary skills, this feisty and fearless family have conquered the planet.

If you are reading this in the UK and you missed the BBC Natural World documentary ‘Weasels: Feisty and Fearless’ click here to watch it on iPlayer.

And click on the images below to watch highlights from the show: 




14 comments on My Stoats & Weasels to Star on American TV

  1. Stoats and weasels are fascinating as usually we are very lucky to see a glimpse. So really looking forward to tonight. Great thanks to Robert !

  2. Really looking forward to tonight’s programme. Record button is on . I know it’s been many months in production
    Who would have thought that a trampoline would be such fun for stoats – they seem to truly just be playing around.

  3. I realy enjoyed this BBC2 programe on stoats and weasels. Thank you for all of your efforts and your stoat and weasel gardens, a clear insight into the stoats life cycle fom kit to adult, amazing photography.

  4. Watched the programme the other night and loved every bit of it. But what happened to the little weasel you raised from a baby? The credits at the end mentioned that the weasel didn’t take well to the wild and came back to live with you for the rest of his days. That doesn’t sound like a happy ending. Was it injured?

    1. Hello, glad you enjoyed watching the stoats and following the story of the rescue weasel, Twiz. She wasn’t injured at all, but hadn’t adapted well to life in the wild and was not likely to survive on her own. This was a result of her having been so very young when she was found. She went on to live a further 13 months after the filming – which is very good going for a weasel. You might like to read her full story on this blog:

  5. The Americans will love seeing the weasels. They are much more into ferrets as pets and as ferrets are the only domesticated part of the mustelid family it should be of great interest to ferret lovers

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