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Don’t miss the latest from my wildlife nest cams

Are you up to date with the latest news from my barn owl nest cam and my kestrel nest cam? A lot has happened this week. The barn owls now have three eggs and the kestrels are sitting on a healthy clutch of five!

Watch the Barn Owl Nest Cam Now

Check in to my Barn Owl Cam and watch footage of the female as she lays three beautiful white eggs. It is fascinating to see her tail lift and quiver momentarily, and then see her stand up to reveal a gleaming white egg! At one point she literally drops the egg from a standing position!

My Nest Cam Reveals How Barn Owls Divvy Up Egg Sitting Roles

The Barn Owl Cam has revealed very interesting barn owl behaviour. Follow this link to the nest cam to see how the male supports the female in the owl box. He treats her mean – but keeps her keen! And don’t miss my footage of a night in the nest box.

Watch the Kestrel Nest Cam Now

The kestrels have now laid a clutch of five speckled eggs. Follow this link to watch the moment the female stands up to reveal each one. This week I’ve also shared footage of the kestrel pair taking turns on a clutch of eggs over the course of an afternoon. Follow the link to my Kestrel Cam to learn how often the male helps the female out when it comes to brooding.

Don’t forget to keep checking in to my nest cams and follow the intricate stories of the wild birds in my garden.

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