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Painting of the Week | Wildlife Art | Spring 2021

Welcome to your weekly update of all my latest wildlife paintings. I spend many hours watching wildlife in its natural habitat in order to capture the individual character of each of my animal subjects. If anything catches your eye, why not read the story behind the painting.

Click here to meet the wildlife models that inspired these paintings

April 17th, 2021

Inquisitive Little Owl

Wildlife Painting of the Week

Little owls are one of my favourite owls to watch. There’s something so comical about their huge staring eyes and stern expressions. I have painted them many times over the years and am now busy working on a new project to watch them at their nest site close to my home in Thixendale. Read more and see the photos.

painting of the week little owl
Inquisitive Little Owl | Limited Edition Print | Available Here
April 10th, 2021

Mrs Kes Guarding her Nest

Wildlife Painting of the Week 

painting of the week kestrel
Mrs Kes Guarding her Nest | Original Acrylic Painting | Available Here

Fotherdale’s resident kestrel, Mrs Kes, was the first bird to lay eggs on my live cameras this year so I thought her portrait deserved highlighting this week. The painting was inspired by the way she bravely fought off tawny owl and jackdaw raids on her nest last year and I deliberately posed her standing at the entrance to her nest, which is something she is doing a lot at the moment as she guards the eggs inside. Read more about this formidable bird here.

April 2nd, 2021

Portrait of a Leveret

Wildlife Painting of the Week

This portrait was inspired by watching a leveret in woodland close to my art studio. Hares hide their young to keep them safe from predators and only visit once a day, usually at dusk, to feed them. These visits are so secretive it is exceptional to be able to watch them. Read my blog post on the time I was lucky enough this special wildlife moment. 

Portrait of a Leveret | Limited Edition Print | Available Here


March 27th 2021

Leverets at Givendale

Wildlife Painting of the Week

I’ve been watching a young leveret in the car park of my gallery this week and have captured some absolutely gorgeous footage of it grooming it’s enormous back paws. The experience reminded me of the time I watched these two at my childhood home in Givendale.

wildlife painting of the week
Leverets at Givendale | Limited Edition Print | Available to Buy Here


March 20th, 2021

Wren in Cherry Blossom

Wildlife Painting of the Week

Today is the Spring Equinox, officially the first day of spring and so I have chosen to share this wren singing it’s heart out from the branches of a cherry tree. Feels symbolic of hope in this time!


March 12th, 2021

Cuckoo Chick

Wildlife Painting of the Week

Today is Mother’s Day here in the UK and to celebrate I thought I’d share this painting. It was inspired by an incredible experience watching a reed warbler tricked into raising a cuckoo chick twice its size. As I watched the tiny bird run itself ragged trying to keep up with the cuckoo’s demands, I remember being struck by how strong the instinct to nurture. Click here to read the story.

painting of the week cuckoo

March 5th, 2021

Long Tailed Tit With Wool

Wildlife Painting of the Week

This is an old painting that has been very popular. I painted it after watching a pair of long tailed tits busily build their nest. They gathered wool, moss, and even cobwebs from the garden and surrounding fields and then stitched together a beautiful dome shaped nest out of it. I was captivated by the skill involved!

Long Tailed Tit With Wool | Limited Edition Print | Available to Buy Here

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  1. I was just browsing some LIVE animal feeds and came across this page. I MIGHT be able to distinguish the ‘twins’ Hans and Grete but the rest? boy is that a challenge ha ha
    Your artwork is absolutely stunning and amazing! I enjoy it thank you!

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