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Painting of the Week | Winter 2020-21

Welcome to your weekly update of all my latest wildlife paintings. I spend many hours watching wildlife in its natural habitat in order to capture the individual character of each of my animal subjects. If anything catches your eye, why not read the story behind the painting.

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January 15th, 2021

Playful Stoat Kits

Wildlife Painting of the Week

I’m working on a new acrylic painting featuring a group of playful, though very argumentative, stoat kits. I watched these kits grow up in my garden. Their mother, Bandita, became quite famous, after she featured in a BBC documentary on mustelids. She was a great mum and her kits are really something special. Fantastic art models too!


January 2021

Curious Weasel

Wildlife Painting of the Week

The run up to Christmas was busy as I rushed to finish off a number of private commissions that were due as Christmas presents. This cheeky weasel was among the acrylic paintings I sent off just in time.  I chose to pose this creature standing on it’s back legs as it sniffed the air to investigate me. I hope you like it and if you would like to commission your own original painting do get in touch via email or phone -1759 368355.


December 2020

Mallard Duo

Wildlife Painting of the Week

I’ve just finished this painting of a mallard pair posing on a branch together. This was a commission for someone for Christmas. If you would like to commission a painting of your favourite wild creature you can call me on 01759 368355 or email me at to discuss ideas for a composition. 

wildlife painting of the week
Mallard Duo | Original Acrylic Painting

14th December 2020


Wildlife Painting of the Week

This painting was inspired by an incredible day watching a fox mousing in deep snow. I was intrigued by how the fox could hear its prey under the deep crust of snow and so I followed him for some time trying to photograph the moment he pounced. It was an amazing experience. Click here to read more

fox painting wildlife painting of the week
Fox-a-Mousing | Limited Edition Print |23x15cm | Buy Now

8th December 2020

We Three Kings

Wildlife Painting of the Week

This colourful painting was inspired by an incredible trip to Antarctica, where I saw king penguins performing their courtship ritual, a sort of slow dance which unfolds over several days. Couples would pose in perfect synchronisation, before slowly morphing into the next pose and then the next. After this slow-motion dance, they would set off on a grand promenade following each other with a curiously exaggerated walk. It all looked so romantic.

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penguin, painting of the week
We Three Kings | Limited Edition Print | 55x37cm | Click Here to Buy

1st December 2020

Gannets Sky Pointing

Wildlife Painting of the Week

Gannets are truly elegant birds. They have graphic faces, which look as though they’ve been drawn on with black and white pencil. Every year I make a point of visiting of the largest mainland UK gannet breeding colony at Bempton Cliffs along the east coast of Yorkshire in order to watch them. You can read about the sightings that inspired this painting here: 

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gannets wildlife art painting of the week
Gannets Sky Pointing | Limited Edition Print | 46x29cm | Click to Buy



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