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Badger Paintings | The Collection

Scroll down to see my collection of badger paintings. Many of the animals featured are actually portraits of individual badgers I watch at a wild badger sett near my home and art gallery in North Yorkshire. I visit this sett every evening and have got to know these individuals well, some of them  even have names.

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Badger on Lookout

This badger painting is one of my most popular and was inspired by the sighting of a lone badger peering from behind a rock.

Badger painting by Robert E Fuller
Badger on the Lookout | Limited Edition Print |Image Size: 30x21cm| Buy Now
Badgers: Two of a Kind

These two young badgers are members of the same clan. One is only a year old whilst the other is an adult female. I placed a number of twisted logs artfully around their sett so that when I photograph them there they are perfectly posed against my props. I then painted this directly from my photograph.

original painting badger
Two Of A Kind |Limited Edition Print |Image size: 11″ x 15.5″ | Buy Now
Badgers on Night Watch

These badgers appeared so cautious as they emerged for an evening of foraging, it felt as though they were somehow operating as ‘lookouts’ for the rest of the clan and so I named my painting, Badger on Night Watch. 

Badgers painted by Robert E Fuller
Badgers on Night Watch | Limited Edition Print | Image size 30x21cm| Buy Now
Badgers at Twilight

I painted these badgers exactly as I had seen them, in the black and white tones of the night, and I gave my painting the title, Badgers at Twilight.

Badgers at Twilight | Limited Edition Print | Image Size; 23x15cm | Buy Now


Badger and Two Cubs

I’ve watched generations of badgers grow up at the sett near my home on the Yorkshire Wolds. This painting was only possible once the badger clan got to know me well enough to emerge from their underground den with their cubs.

Badger and Two Cubs | Limited Edition Print | Buy Now

More Badger Art

The following paintings are not kept in stock but are available as bespoke prints. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact my gallery on

Badgers Secret Sett

I hid cameras deep inside a badger sett in order to see how they behaved. The following pictures were inspired by the experience. Click here to read more

Badgers Secret Sett | Limited Edition Print Available on Request
Sleeping Badger | Limited Edition Print Available on Request


badger painting of the week
Badgers: A Playful Bunch | Limited Edition Print Available on Request

From the Archive

The following paintings are from my archive of badger paintings. If you would like a print of any of these please contact my gallery on

Badger Portrait | Limited Edition Print Available on Request


Badger Bond | Limited Edition Print Available on Request
Badger painting by Robert E Fuller
Badger at Cropton Forest | Limited Edition Print Available on Request

Badger Fine Bone China

Fine Bone China Mug. Shop Now
Fine Bone China Mug. Shop Now.

This beautiful fine bone china mug features my most popular painting, Badger on Lookout. There is a delicate brown and green banding detail at the top and base of the mug and the inner rim of the mug is decorated in an intricate fern design. This is a highly collectable item and one of a selection of beautifully decorated mugs featuring my most popular paintings.
Each mug is presented in its own attractive gift box and makes an ideal gift. The mug measures 9.5cm high by 8cm wide and hold 12fl.oz or 360ml and is dishwasher and microwave safe.
Click here for the full range of mugs.


Badger Greeting Cards

You can also buy greeting cards featuring my badger paintings. These handy packs of five small blank cards feature five cards of the same badger design and come with five matching white envelopes.Each card is blank inside for your own message.  The cards are printed on sturdy 300gsm board, so they will stand up proudly on any mantelpiece. The cards measure 15x10cm and are Royal Mail Standard letter size.


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