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Stoat Cam

Welcome to my stoat cam where I collate the best clips of stoats from the cameras hidden inside and outside nest boxes in my garden. I’ve been watching stoats in my garden for four years now and have come to know the different characters well. I’ve even got nick names for my favourites: look out for Bandita, the female stoat that hit TV headlines at the beginning of the year after turning white in time for this winter’s savage snowfall  (Read all about her by clicking here) and Stanley Jnr who is distinguishable by the white markings on his face. 

My cameras run 24 hours a day so that I don’t miss a moment’s action and I’ve watched it all to select the best action so that you don’t have to. I post the best clips as they come in. Don’t forget to keep checking in to see the latest and follow the individual stories of the stoats living in my garden as they unfold.

February 27, 2018

The snow is beginning to melt here but the surprises keep on coming for Bandita my ermine stoat. Watch her in the clip below as she  encounters a pheasant at her watering hole. She leaps forward, then retreats. Then rushes toward the pheasant again, then back. It’s almost as though she doesn’t know what to do!

February 26, 2018

Today the cameras picked up the moment Bandita arrived at the pond to find it was iced over. It is this young stoat’s first snow and it is fascinating to see her scratching at the surface as if she is trying to dig for water. See too how she slips over the pond. At first she is taken by surprise but then its as though she begins to enjoy herself. She looks as though she is dancing on ice.

February  2nd- 20th, 2018

As a band of snow accompanied by freezing temperatures was forecast to hit the UK, I spotted a white stoat in the garden.  The ‘Beast from the East’, as the weather front became known, caused widespread disruption this month. But this stoat was ready for it. Stoats have the ability to turn white for essential camouflage in winter snows. It was curious as Bandita’s coat turned well in advance of the snowfall and for a while she looked out of place against the greens and browns of the countryside. But then the snow fell and she was a perfectly camouflaged. I nick named her Bandita after the band of brown colouring that remained around her eyes. I’ve pieced together the best of the footage of her this month as she explored the garden. Click here to read the full story.

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