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Stoat Camera Stories | Spring 2019 | Setting Up Home

stoat camera storiesWelcome to the first of my Stoat Camera Stories where I share the highlights from cameras trained on a family of stoats living in my garden. The story begins this year with two females, a mother and daughter, who have set up home in the same territory. Watch the tense family drama unfold as they both become pregnant and prepare for the arrival of their kits. Scroll down to see the paintings this study has inspired and keep checking in to this blog for regular updates.



May 2019

Two Mothers-To-Be

Stoat Camera Stories 

A mother and daughter have both set up territory in my garden. Crackle is an adventurous stoat. She explored the garden thoroughly before finally settling under the decking outside my studio. Meanwhile her mother, Bandita, settled at the far end of the territory. But then Bandita began to venture threateningly close to Crackle’s nest. By early spring I noticed both females had rounded bellies. Although there were no males in the area, female stoats can delay implantation. This means they can be mated months in advance, but not begin pregnancy until spring when food is plentiful. Now with Bandita and Crackle preparing to give birth, I’m looking forward to the first glimpse of their kits!


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The Story So Far

A five-year research project

I’ve been following the story of the stoats in my garden for a total of five years now and in this time I’ve come to know six generations of the same family by sight. I’ve even got names for them all.

Click here for a history of the Fotherdale stoat dynasty and get to know the stoat family members.

stoat camera stories

Stoat Art Work

Stoat Paintings

Inspired by the Fotherdale Stoats

My webcams are essentially studies for my paintings and I now have quite a collection! These are due to go on show at my gallery in Thixendale on June 15th – July 7th 2019. Below is a small selection of the new exhibit.

Click here to see more stoat paintings. 

And click here for more information about my exhibition.

stoat camera stories
Stoat On Alert | Acrylic Painting

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Stoat Camera Stories 2019


Follow the latest in my series of stoat camera stories here

How the project began: Click here to read my about my first year of stoat studies.

Stoat art: Click here to see more stoat paintings. 

BBC Wildlife magazine: Click here to read about what I discovered and learn about each member of the stoat family in my full length feature I wrote for BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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