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Wildlife artist Robert E Fuller’s award-winning blog is one to follow.


This year my blog was ranked number two in a widely respected list of the Top 75 UK Wildlife Blogs to Follow. The accolade, by ranked my weekly blog posts for the quality and consistency of my posts.

I use my blog to tell the individual stories of the animals and birds that I watch for my paintings. I spend a great deal of my time watching wildlife out in the field and by the time I sit down to paint my subjects I know them pretty well. In my blog I share their individual stories alongside my paintings so that you too can get to know the animal whose portrait I have painted.

Often I have watched my animal subjects for so long they are old friends. This is certainly the case with Kes, the male kestrel that has lived in my garden for more than 10 years. I follow his story using photographs and video surveillance in his nest box on a blog post that I update weekly with video clips from my Kestrel Cam. Click on the link to see the latest video clips and follow Kes’ story. The same is true of the barn owls in a nest box in my garden. My Barn Owl Cam blog post is updated weekly with video clips and all the latest news.

I also use my blog to share tips on how you too can get up close to wild creatures and offer advice on building hides, or on how I paint and where you can go to see different species. This blog post on where and when to watch puffins is one of my most widely read. So if you are interested in wildlife and want to know how I get up close to my wild subjects, then follow my blog by subscribing to it in the box above. Once you’ve entered your email address you will get the very latest posts directly into your inbox.


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