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stoat study


An intensive five-year art study into the secret world of stoats For the last five years, I have studied six generations of a remarkable stoat dynasty and my discoveries are now informing film-makers and scientists about the behaviour of these little known mammals. An exhibition of my paintings, films and photographs of stoats opens at my gallery in North Yorkshire  on June 15th – July 7th. Click here for details. A stoat scampers across the […]


Did you catch my stunt stoat on BBC’s The One Show this week? Presenter Mike Dilger described it as the only performing stoat in the world!!! Click on the link to watch my footage of this daredevil stoat as it negotiates the maze I made for it. I became enchanted with a family of stoats after I spotted them in my garden last year. I built them an assault course, which I baited to encourage […]

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