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stoat study


A stoat scampers across the decking outside my studio and pauses at the patio door. She stands on her hind legs to press a delicate five-digit paw against the glass. Our eyes connect momentarily. I know this wild individual well. Her name is Bandita and at the time of writing, her portrait sits on my easel, awaiting the final touches. As Bandita slips away, I follow her movements via a bank of monitors next to […]


Did you catch my stunt stoat on BBC’s The One Show this week? Presenter Mike Dilger described it as the only performing stoat in the world!!! Click on the link to watch my footage of this daredevil stoat as it negotiates the maze I made for it. I became enchanted with a family of stoats after I spotted them in my garden last year. I built them an assault course, which I baited to encourage […]

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