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Barn Owl painting by Robert E Fuller


The tawny owls that feed in my garden each night have been bringing their chicks to the bird table and this week there were eight all balancing on the branch outside my living room window!  It has been fantastic watching them at such close quarters, they are such characters. The way they bob up and down when they spot something new is so funny. I’ve been putting food out for tawny owls to encourage them […]


The unmistakable sound of a curlew’s call rings out across the Yorkshire Wolds and moors brightens up the dullest of days. These waders come in from the coastal mud flats to raise their young over the summer months. Their arrival in spring is spectacular. The males circle the valleys, surveying their new territory and calling with a crescendo of notes as they rise steeply into the air with rapid wing beats before gracefully gliding back down […]


The female weasel living in my garden is expecting kits. Her swollen belly bulges out so incongruously against her otherwise long, slim body it makes her look an elongated tear drop. I’ve been monitoring this tiny mustelid’s every move since April and I’m now counting the days until she gives birth. I have cameras trained inside and outside her nest. I don’t want to miss a moment of the action. Small enough to slink through […]

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