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Scroll down to see my collection of badger paintings. Many of the animals featured are actually portraits of individual badgers I watch at a wild badger sett near my home and art gallery in North Yorkshire. I visit this sett every evening and have got to know these individuals well, some of them  even have names. Click here to read about these badgers Badger on Lookout This badger painting is one of my most popular […]

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Badgers live in deep burrows, known as setts, and only come out to forage at night. Their brief daylight forays make it difficult to get a good understanding of their characters and as a wildlife artist I’ve always wanted to learn more. So I built an underground badger sett and installed cameras into chambers within it in the hope that I could film their secret underground world. When I then learned of three young cubs […]


Today is National Badger Day and so I thought I would share my paintings and my passion for these gentle creatures in the hope that I can convince people that they really are worth protecting. Although badgers are not endangered – like most of the species I’ve am raising awareness for  through my campaign #artsavingnature – they have been persecuted for centuries. In 2011, I found myself helping to convict some badger baiters after stumbling […]

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