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Badgers on Night Watch: Art Print by Robert E Fuller


As the clocks turn back this weekend, I for one won’t be sorry. I love being out in the dark listening for wildlife in the gloom. This is when the landscape turns monochrome and strangely beautiful and when I experience my closest encounters with wildlife. This is a time when my hearing becomes my primary sense and my landscape becomes my soundscape. After a lifetime of watching wildlife on a daily basis I’m already fairly attuned […]

robert fuller artist watching badgers


I visit a badger sett every night Most evenings I walk into a valley near my gallery in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, to watch badgers for my paintings. Over the years these wild animals have accepted me as one of their own and I have painted most of their portraits. In fact, I am now so much a part of their everyday lives that the cubs will let me sit amongst them, scrambling over my boots […]

badger painting of the week


Badgers live in deep burrows, known as setts, and only come out to forage at night. Their brief daylight forays make it difficult to get a good understanding of their characters and as a wildlife artist I’ve always wanted to learn more. So I built an underground badger sett and installed cameras into chambers within it in the hope that I could film their secret underground world. When I then learned of three young cubs […]

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