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Barney was one of my favourite owls here at Fotherdale. He had lived here for more than years but sadly, on the 23rd of October, I saw him for what would be the last time. What Happened to Barney? I don’t expect I will ever know what happened to Barney. He may have sustained one too many attacks, he certainly had a great many clashes with the tawny owls that also live here during his […]


Welcome to the story of my 2018 barn owls Follow the story of what happened with my barn owls in 2018. 2019 update: To see what the barn owls are up to in 2019 click here The barn owl babies have all fledged the nest. It’s been an adventure following the intimate story of this barn owl family, from the moment the parent birds began courting to the day the last baby owlet flew the nest. And […]

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