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Welcome to the story of my 2018 barn owls Follow the story of what happened with my barn owls in 2018. 2019 update: To see what the barn owls are up to in 2019 click here The barn owl babies have all fledged the nest. It’s been an adventure following the intimate story of this barn owl family, from the moment the parent birds began courting to the day the last baby owlet flew the nest. And […]

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Are you up to date with the latest news from my barn owl nest cam and my kestrel nest cam? A lot has happened this week. The barn owls now have three eggs and the kestrels are sitting on a healthy clutch of five! Watch the Barn Owl Nest Cam Now Check in to my Barn Owl Cam and watch footage of the female as she lays three beautiful white eggs. It is fascinating to […]


I have more than 30 cameras postioned in my garden and the countryside surrounding my home and gallery so that at any one time I can watch the wildlife that visits. This network of secret cameras includes cameras hidden inside the nests of barn owls, tawny owls, kestrels and stoats relaying images 24 hours a day to screens inside my gallery. Every week I go through the footage and pick the best of it to […]

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