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Stoats and weasels filmed in my garden are to feature in a major new BBC Natural World documentary. Narrated by Dame Julie Walters, the programme promises to be a fascinating insight into the weasel animal family, which also includes badgers, wolverines and even otters. The film will feature the habitats I created in my garden for stoats and weasels and will be screened on BBC2 at 8pm Friday, October 25th. I can’t wait to see […]

stoat study


A stoat scampers across the decking outside my studio and pauses at the patio door. She stands on her hind legs to press a delicate five-digit paw against the glass. Our eyes connect momentarily. I know this wild individual well. Her name is Bandita and at the time of writing her portrait sits on my easel, awaiting the final touches. As Bandita slips away, I follow her movements via a bank of monitors next to […]

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