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Painting by Robert E Fuller


    I’ve just finished this painting of a midair mobbing. I was inspired to paint it after watching this plucky kestrel snatch food from a short eared owl during a particularly cold winter close to my gallery on the Yorkshire Wolds. I spent five days in deep snow and sub zero temperatures captivated by the battle between a number of short eared owls and a kestrel. Both species were trying to survive in more than […]


Watch how this barn owl holds its own when a tawny owl twice its size flies into the tree it is roosting in! The barn owl bows its head when it spots the tawny coming in, then goes into an impressive defense posture: head lowered, wings up and extended back. This pose is known as ‘manteling’: making a mantle of his wings to make himself look bigger. Like a superhero posturing or a bullfighter fanning […]


I’ve just finished this painting of a short eared owl and it is now on show in my gallery in Thixendale, North Yorkshire.  . Birds of prey have always fascinated me, especially owls. I have studied barn owls, tawny and little owls in great detail. But more elusive owls, such as short eared owls, were missing from my portfolio until this year.  The British Isles have a resident population of short eared owls which mainly […]

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