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children share playground with wildlife


A New Climbing Frame Also Becomes a Playground for Wildlife Well before lockdown, when such things were possible, my wife Vick announced that she had found a bargain second-hand climbing framing for our daughters on Facebook. It was priced at £200 for a towered wooden structure with connecting walkways, swings, slides and a climbing wall. The wood alone would have cost more than that! And so, after a bit of arm twisting, we made several […]

Bandita, white stoat photographed by Robert E Fuller


Meet Bandita, the white stoat who has been capturing hearts on social media and in the news. As a band of snow accompanied by freezing temperatures hit the UK from Eastern Europe, this cute little creature was ready for it. Stoats have the ability to turn white for essential camouflage in winter snows and Bandita’s coat turned well in advance of the arrival of ‘The Beast from the East’, as the weather front that has […]


Watching and painting animals for a living has got to rank amongst the best jobs in the world since animals can do such funny things. Over the years I’ve had some hilarious encounters. Next week I will be sharing my favourite anecdotes at an art exhibition of my work at my gallery in Thixendale. They include the winter I watched red squirrels in the Yorkshire Dales. These beautiful creatures are an increasingly rare sight, which […]

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