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lapwing chick painted by Robert E Fuller


In this post I’ve curated a collection of my favourite paintings of wildlife in springtime. Set against backdrops of blossom, I’ve chosen the creatures you are most likely to see at this time of year and put them together for you here.This spring has been quite erratic with snow storms interspersed with the occasional traditionally warm spring day. But at last the sunshine has broken through. Easter is when the lambing season takes place in […]

Leverets at Givendale, Art Print by Robert E Fuller


As Easter approaches and the world turns its attention to mythical bunnies, I’ve been thinking about the origin of the Easter bunny. Hares only visit their young for a few brief moments a day and it is said that in medieval times people were so unaccustomed to seeing a hare with its young they thought the lone leverets that they found out in the fields had appeared there by magic. It certainly must have seemed odd to come […]

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