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A precious few animals in the UK wear white for winter A handful of animal species have the remarkable ability to turn white in winter in order to match the snows of the season and the transition, which in the UK applies to ptarmigan – a genus of bird related to grouse – mountain hares and stoats, is something that fascinates me. Neither mountain hares nor ptarmigan are found in Yorkshire and although I have […]

stoat study


A stoat scampers across the decking outside my studio and pauses at the patio door. She stands on her hind legs to press a delicate five-digit paw against the glass. Our eyes connect momentarily. I know this wild individual well. Her name is Bandita and at the time of writing, her portrait sits on my easel, awaiting the final touches. As Bandita slips away, I follow her movements via a bank of monitors next to […]


The very best Christmas present I got this year was a white stoat appearing in my garden. For most of the year and throughout most of the British Isles, stoats are chestnut-coloured with a creamy white belly. But in prolonged snowfall they moult this brown coat and replace it with white fur. Only the black tips of the tail remain. This transformation is as an essential part of a stoat’s camouflage in winter white landscapes. […]

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