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Springtime Wildlife In Paint Follow the seasons with a painting a week As blossom emerges and birds begin to prepare their nests for the breeding season ahead, my weekly choice of paintings reflect the mood of hope in the air. Keep checking in each week for a new painting to reflect the season. Click here to look back at my wildlife painting of the week winter choices. May 15th 2019 Colourful Kingfisher Wildlife painting of […]


Always wanted a bullfinch in the garden? They might be one of Britain’s most beautiful birds, but they are also one of its shyest. Wildlife artist Robert E Fuller learned five tricks to get bullfinches to pose for their portraits in his country garden.   Bullfinches stand out from the crowd, but it is hard to get them to feed in your garden With its smart black cap and tail, bright pinky-red breast, and eye-catching white […]


I still have some paintings to finish off for my exhibition, which opens on November 4th and runs until 26th. I work mainly in oils and it is necessary to leave each coat of paint to dry before I can add the next, so what I tend to do whilst I’m waiting for a coat of paint to dry on one painting is work on the next. Interestingly different pigments take differing amounts of time […]

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