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A Christmas Romance As I paint, I can see pair of courting barn owls on a TV monitor next to my easel. The owls are standing side by side, the feathers of their folded wings gently touching. Their secret love story is being relayed from video cameras hidden in a nest box located high in a sycamore tree 200 metres from my art studio. The pairing of these two owls marks a happy end to […]


I have discovered that the instinct to nurture and protect young is so fiercely ingrained in birds of prey that it is possible to get them to act as surrogate mothers and raise chicks that are not their own.     Fostering Owl Chicks This year, I have successfully re-homed kestrel, barn owl and tawny owl chicks that have been found and handed in to me, putting them back into wild nests. Now wildlife rehabilitation […]

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