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Leverets at Givendale, Art Print by Robert E Fuller


As Easter approaches and the world turns its attention to mythical bunnies, I’ve been thinking about the origin of the Easter bunny. Hares only visit their young for a few brief moments a day and it is said that in medieval times people were so unaccustomed to seeing a hare with its young they thought the lone leverets that they found out in the fields had appeared there by magic. It certainly must have seemed odd to come […]


I’ve endured the icy winds of Antarctica in order to photograph wildlife for my paintings. But nothing in that cold climate compares to my ordeal of watching courting hares on the Yorkshire Wolds in 2010. As the country came to grips with one of the iciest cold snaps in decades, I spent 10 days trudging through thigh deep snow, sometimes for eight hours a day. When it snows on the Wolds, it really snows, and […]


In order to photograph wildlife up close it is important to blend into the background. I have had plenty of practice and have a few tricks up my sleeve: a snow white ski suit, a balaclava made out of a pillowcase, white oven gloves and tailored white covers  to wrap around my camera and tripod. Click here to read about how I learned how to prepare for photographing wildlife in snow and see some of […]

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