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Hedgehog painting by Robert E Fuller


Humble, cute and shockingly rare, hedgehogs need our help more than ever. These prickly creatures have been around for 15 million years and once roamed Britain alongside sabre tooth tigers and woolly mammoths. But since 2002 their decline has plummeted so rapidly they now face extinction. If the trend continues these lovable hogs will only exist in paintings like mine. I rescued this particular hedgehog baby, or hoglet, from my garden and grew so fond of […]


I like to think there is a reciprocal relationship between my conservation work and my paintings – I do a creature a good turn and it helps me out by posing for its portrait. Never was this truer than with the painting of a hedgehog. I have never painted this prickly creature up until now as it’s a subject that I’ve always considered a bit ‘twee.’ In fact I have to confess to habitually letting out […]

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