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A new exhibition of my artwork opens today at my gallery in Thixendale. The theme is ‘Natural Treasures’ and is a celebration of Britain’s wildlife heritage through paintings, photography and film.  Saving Natural Treasures: A family of wild kestrels I’ve traveled the world to see some of the rarest creatures on the planet, but it is the wildlife on my doorstep that I value the most. One of these gems is Mr Kes, a wild […]


Welcome to the story of the kestrel family in 2018 on my nest cam The kestrel chicks have now fledged! What a wonderful breeding year it was. Scroll down to follow the story of this kestrel family in detail and enjoy every moment: from the time the adult pair first mated, via an intriguing tale of infidelity, and on to watch the chicks first meals and flights. Below is a video made up of all the best […]

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