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Nest Cameras | Spring 2019 | Barn Owl, Tawny Owl & Kestrel Egg Laying Update Read on to get the latest news from my nest cameras this year   It’s Easter and I’m currently watching 12 of the most beautiful eggs. These are not the chocolate variety, but wild bird eggs that I am monitoring live on screens in my gallery. Each spring I look forward to the first eggs being laid. This year I’ve […]


Love is in the air at the kestrel nest. Mr Kes has been bringing Mrs K gifts. Scroll down to watch him offer her a rare lizard. Their bond needs to be strong to defend ‘Sycamore Stump’ from marauding barn owls. Watch the clip below as they take turns to guard the nest through wind, rain and snow  – look out for the ‘Marilyn Monroe’ moment Mrs Kes’ skirts fly in the wind. Scroll down […]

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