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Wren on Cherry Blossom, by Robert E Fuller, art print, unframed £65


Bird song made easy As a wildlife artist, I have a lifetime’s experience of listening to birds in the field and can tell species apart with my eyes shut. But it takes time to learn bird song well enough to decipher the dawn chorus. The repertoire of each bird is far more diverse and intricate than many of us imagine. Each avian songster has an entire vocabulary of calls denoting different meanings. And birds even […]


Have you ever strolled through the countryside wondering what bird you just heard? Or what the different tweets and chirrups of UK songbirds actually mean? For many, birdsong is simply the white noise that accompanies being out of doors. But for me these avian calls are like the daily broadcast; they tell me what’s happening and where. I’m constantly tuned into bird chatter and if I hear a noise out of place, I stand stock […]


Wildlife artist Robert E Fuller shares his tips on how to decipher the dawn chorus. I usually sleep with the window open, which means I wake up each morning to a cacophony of bird song. Before I get up, I like to test my knowledge by picking out which species are out there and what they are saying to one another. As spring turns to summer this can become quite a challenge. The noise coming […]

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