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The baby barn owls and kestrel chicks in my garden are growing up fast. I’ve been keeping record of their development on my live Nest Cam pages. Scroll down to find out how to check in to see them reach those all important milestones: from first feathers through first squabbles to first flights! Stories from the kestrel nest The kestrels chicks have now fledged but they are still hanging about the nest site where I have […]


Caught on camera!!! We see you!! This cheeky blue tit was caught red handed stealing moss from a wren’s nest then taking it back to line its own nest box! Watch to the end to see the wren come back and look about the nest, all confused. You can almost see it thinking: “Where’s that moss gone?” Earlier in the season I watched this wren spend ages carefully positioning this moss at the front of […]

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