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the best nest box for a tawny owl


Each year tawny owls in my garden nest in boxes built especially for them. Over the years I’ve learned what sort of box suits the species best and where to site it. Tawny owls begin courting in winter As I step out of my back door here is a hard frost underfoot. Above the stars twinkle and, in spite of the cold, I can hear the call of a male tawny owl. I know it […]


  One spring I hung an old storm lantern over my back door and by the end of the day a robin had begun building a nest in it. I was so excited when I saw it busily carrying dead leaves and moss into the cavity, because this meant I now had three pairs of robins nesting in the garden. Robins are very territorial and pairs will not tolerate competition, unless the food supply is […]


Over the years, I have put up nearly 200 nest boxes for owls and kestrels and I have found some designs to be more successful than others. Attracting a tawny owl into a nest box depends on a few factors: the availability of natural nest sites in your area and the available habitat and prey.Tawny owls live in wooded or partially wooded areas; you even get them in large gardens and parks in towns and […]

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