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A new exhibition of my artwork opens today at my gallery in Thixendale. The theme is ‘Natural Treasures’ and is a celebration of Britain’s wildlife heritage through paintings, photography and film.  Saving Natural Treasures: A family of wild kestrels I’ve traveled the world to see some of the rarest creatures on the planet, but it is the wildlife on my doorstep that I value the most. One of these gems is Mr Kes, a wild […]

natural wildlife treasure in art red stag


This new collection of fine art paintings celebrates Britain’s natural heritage. People travel the world to see wildlife but hidden in our countryside are some of the most beautiful creatures.  I’ve picked out nine paintings of animals that I want to shine because I believe they are natural treasures.   1. Natural Treasure| The Robin  Title: Robin on Hawthorn Image Size: 12.25″ x 9.25″ Medium: Oil Paint Inspiration: Voted the British public’s favourite bird, the […]

painting for exhibition of natural treasures


Natural Treasures: The Best of British Wildlife in Art The Robert Fuller Gallery | November 9th-Dec 1st I’m celebrating the very best of British wildlife with an exhibition of paintings, prints, photographs, and short films of wildlife from around the Uk.  Red stags spotted in Scotland, squirrels seen in Wales, and kestrels, badgers, and owls observed in my own garden in Yorkshire are among the paintings of natural treasures on show. I’ve painted all my […]

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