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  One spring I hung an old storm lantern over my back door and by the end of the day a robin had begun building a nest in it. I was so excited when I saw it busily carrying dead leaves and moss into the cavity, because this meant I now had three pairs of robins nesting in the garden. Robins are very territorial and pairs will not tolerate competition, unless the food supply is […]


Spring is in the air and nest box ‘wars’ have begun. I’ve been following the antics of a pair of kestrels and a pair of tawny owls from my studio window for many years. This week I saw the kestrels mating. They are starting to look for somewhere to nest, but to their horror, they found the tawny owls sitting in the nest box that they had used last year and they were not happy. The kestrels dive bombed the nest box all […]

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